Make Golf Fun Again

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Make Golf Fun Again

We all know all too well how as you play golf, you get stressed out. You forget this is just a game.

Your buddies shoot a straight tee shot. Than YOU shag one off to the far right in the weeds… UUUGG.

How about we spend some time remembering when we were “just learning” golf. Those ooppp’ss were just a learning thing. Now we put pressure on our game to be almost perfect.

Learning Golf

In this blog.. we are going to do some teaching, some jokes and some understanding of human nature that causes us to want to be perfect. The last part is a pain to remember this is


Make Golf fun again

The game of golf can be very frustrating. I remember seeing my golf ball heading down the fairway and then turn right into the woods. I could hardly stand it. I hit the ball and went back into the grass. On the next swing, that darn ball went right over the green and into the water behind. I was about to quit. After all I had spent time and money on lessons. What the hell was wrong with ME? I decided I have to do something to make golf fun again.

Make golf fun again

Now and then, I would het that golf ball right where I wanted to. I putted with amazing ease and was feeling like a champ. My friends were amazed how I was golfing so well. I said.. well I got help. They said, who is teaching you? Did you go to a golf school?

I said.. no, I saw a therapist. Ha Ha. Not really. I started to learn little tricks here and there that helped. I found golf to be fun again.

In the blog you can find out more. Read some articles and link to some truly mind opening training I and many many people and friends of mine use to make golf fun again. When you play better golf, you will make golf fun again.